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Accounting & Business Insights 

Do you need year-end financial statements for yourself, your lenders or stakeholders? Do you want to gain strategic insights into how your business is performing and how it is helping you achieve your goals? 

Hyperion offers a range of services designed to provide you with an objective assessment of your business. From annual financial statements, to a five-year strategic financial review, Hyperion is well-equipped to meet your needs. 

Tax Planning

Are you considering launching, scaling, buying or selling a business? Are you looking to raise capital? Are you considering how to bring family members or partners into your business? Hyperion will provide you advice on the most effective, tax-efficient options to achieve your goals.

Hyperion will also prepare tax filings for you and your business.

Business Advice

It's not easy to be an entrepreneur - and it can be even more challenging when you want to combine purpose and profit in your business model. Sometimes what you need is good objective advice and insights to help you define your goals and develop a plan to reach them. Hyperion is a trusted advisor to purpose-driven business leaders. 

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