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Practice & Experience

Building a sustainable, purpose-driven business is a challenge in today's rapidly changing, hyper-competitive world. 

Hyperion is the only accounting firm that specializes in the the needs of purpose-driven business. When you work with Hyperion, you gain access to a partner who understands your business and is committed to your success. 

Hyperion's experience spans the fields of accounting, tax, finance, business strategy, entrepreneurship and purpose-driven business leadership. This unique blends of skills and experience  enables Hyperion to provide you with advice that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of tax and accounting services. Hyperion focuses on helping you achieve your dreams for a better world.  


Don't think of Hyperion as another outside advisor. Think of Hyperion as a trusted business partner who has stood in your shoes and is invested in your success. Hyperion understands what it takes to navigate the complex world of purpose-driven business. When you work with Hyperion, you receive strategic business and financial advice that is grounded in real world experience and tailored to the unique needs of purpose-driven businesses like yours. 


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

Staying competitive and purpose-driven means having access to business and financial advice that keeps you one step ahead. Hyperion helps you keep one step ahead by bringing together comprehensive information and analysis. From changes in Canadian tax rules to the latest insights in purpose-driven business strategy, Hyperion has you covered.

Knowledge That Serves Your Needs

Generic financial, tax and business knowledge is just that - generic. It's a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn't recognize that different kinds of businesses have different needs, different challenges and, sometimes, different tax rules.

When you work with Hyperion, you gain access to a deep pool of specialized knowledge and expertise that is tailored to the needs of purpose-driven businesses. Hyperion understands the unique needs of businesses that aspire to combine purpose and profit.

Meet the Team

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